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Troll Bằng Kim Tiêm


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Subscribe To Frank Here: The Scenes: Prank: Now For More: Here For More Craziness: BTS picture before it goes live: This Video With Friends: the "drugs" were all props in this video:- Cocaine = Baking Soda- Needle = Retractable w/ Peach Tea- Pills = Refresher - Vodka = WaterThis was my first gym prank. It was quite fun yet hard to film at the gym. I was banned from a specific gym after filming this prank, but it's all worth it as long as you guys enjoyed watching it :)Thanks to Cody for filming Taking Drugs At The Gym Prank::☞ Please Click "SUBSCRIBE" For More Crazy Pranks To Come!!✌ If you like "Taking Drugs At The Gym Prank Feat. Frank Yang", you might also like "Devil Baby Prank":✍ Don't forget to share it on Facebook & Twitter & Reddit""You think you have some crazy and original prank ideas? Or do you want prank your friend or family? Feel free to send ideas to my Facebook Page. If it's good enough, I might feature it :)Before the next video is uploaded, come talk to me more personally on my social sites:✓ Shoot me a message on Facebook:✓ Tweet me, Tweet me:✓ See my weird and wild picture on Instagram:✓ Let me make you dance on Soundcloud:☺ Don't forget to like and give me some feedback in the comment!! Yes, I do read them smile LOVE YOU!

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+ Tác Giả: JoshPalerLin


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