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Những Nơi Đẹp Như Tranh Bạn Nên Đến 1 Lần Trong Đời


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The most beautiful city in the worldColmar is the third-largest commune of the Alsace region in north-eastern France. It is the seat of the prefecture of the Haut-Rhin department and the arrondissement of Colmar.Colmar, Alsace's most beautiful city, feels made for wonder-struck tourists — its essentially traffic-free city center is a fantasy of steep pitched roofs, pastel stucco, and aged timbers. Plus, it offers a few heavyweight sights in a comfortable, midsize-town package. The town's distinctly French shutters, combined with the ye-olde German half-timbering, give Colmar an intriguing ambience. Antiques shops welcome browsers, homeowners fuss over their geraniums, and hoteliers hurry down the sleepy streets to pick up fresh croissants in time for breakfast.Burano is a photo-lover’s paradise. Ever seen those photos of Venice that show brightly-painted buildings and flowerpots (like the one at top)? Those aren’t from the main island of Venice, but Burano. Families used to paint their homes in bright colors to designate where their family’s quarters ended and a neighbor’s began, as well as to make their homes more visible from the sea. The tradition has stuck. Burano is a true fisherman’s island

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