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Hugo Vs Lino: Cuộc Chiến 1 Triệu Đô


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One more feather in Hugo Vs Lino's capHugo Vs Lino claimed the 'BEST ANIMATION FILM' award at 'THE NATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL --TEN MINUTES TO FAME held at IMT Nagpur on 15th and 16th October, 2010.A prestigious recognition"Hugo vs Lino" made its debut at the awards circuit by winning the BEST ANIMATION FILM AWARD at the Short and Documentary Film Festival of Hyderabad (SDFFH)-2010, a 4-day film carnival organized by the Hyderabad Film Club from September 24 to 28, 2010 at Hyderabad .DNA Inc., Dilsukhnagar Arena Incubation's another full HD Animation short film: Hugo Vs Lino.HUGO Vs LINOA lopsided fight between two consenting unequals. An arena where the rules of fair play aren't applicable. The sheer audacity of a frail android to challenge the Herculean might of a formidable hulk. Pride, trickery, frustration and vengeance are all at play as the battleground turns murky.Story:Hugo, a hulk with rippling muscles all over his frame responds to Lino's open invitation in a newspaper advertisement to beat him in an arm-wrestling bout. The booty: One million dollars in cash. Hugo is gung-ho about winning hands down as Lino is hardly half his size. Post the bout, Hugo goes berserk, Lino's not impressed and all hell breaks loose.For more details please visit: http://www.hugoandlino.comOur other links:http://www.shortfilmsarena.comhttp://www.bestmultimedia.com

+ Thời Gian Video: 00:06:58
+ Tác Giả: DNA Incubation


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