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Cách Bẻ Khóa Cổng Cực Ngu Của Mỹ Đen


Người Đăng : kenhanh Kênh Video Của kenhanh 
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READ ME************Four men unsuccessfully attempting to break into a house in Edenvale.They struggled to open the security gate and were spooked off, only to return moments later when they continued attempting to break open the gate.“This is the second attempt of robbery on a Saturday afternoon. The previous attempt was while my parents were actually at home. It’s pretty frightening to see how badly these guys want to get in,” said the poster, Rudi Jeggle, in the description of the two videos.One of the men is seen putting a stocking over his head and more attempts are made to gain access to the property.Roughly four minutes after their arrival, the men appear to give up and leave.Seconds later, a car can be seen driving away.READ MORE****************Bedford View Edenvale NewsLink : http://bedfordviewedenvalenews.co.za/253507/attempted-burglary-in-edenvale-caught-on-camera/BE VIGILANT! PLEASE SHARE!Comments and opinions are welcome.Twiiter*********Crime Watch@crimewatch202Be City Smart Cape Town@CitySmartCTSA Comm Crime Watch@waterfallcrimeJustice Project SA@JPSAorg Crime Line @CrimeLineZA'CrimeWatchdogZA@CrimeWatchdog URLS********Be City SmartLINK : www.becitysmart.co.zaFACEBOOK*****************Crime Linehttps://www.facebook.com/pages/Crime-Line/123311467697540Crime Watchhttps://www.facebook.com/crimewatch202Intelligence Bureau SAhttps://www.facebook.com/IntelligenceBureauSA?fref=photoIF YOU would like to have your facebook page linked here.Please tweet us or email us.Video Submission*********************If you have any videos for us at crime watch, email as on crimewatch202@gmail.com

+ Thời Gian Video: 00:04:03
+ Tác Giả: Crime Watch


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