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Còn Nhanh Hơn Cờ Hó Nửa


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Man Has Thrown His Wooden Stick In To Lack. His Pet Dog Jumps Into Water And Bringing It Back. Now Next Time By Mistake He Has Thrown His Mobile Phone Instead Of Wooden Stick. After Realizing He Has Thrown His Phone, He Jumps Into Water For Saving Phone.Tags : Funny Man, Man Forgots, Wooden Stick, Mobile Phone, Thrown Phone, Thrown Mobile, Smart Puppy, Smart Dog, Cold Water, Frozen Lake, Largest Lake, Jumping Man, Jumping Dog, Man Swimming, Dog Swimming, Scared Man, Scared Dog, Waterproof Mobile, Indian Mobile, Running Man, Running Dog, Dog Running, Man Running, Fool Man, Duffer Man, Funny Uncle, Uncle Jumping, Uncle Running, Fool Uncle, Animal Jumping, Animal Swimming, Swimming Animal, Crazy Dog, Cute Dog, Crazy Man, Crazy Uncle, Cute Puppy, Crazy Indian Man, Man Throws Phone, Man Throwing Stick, Man Throws Mobile, Man Throwing Stick, Man Throw His Phone, Uncle Throwing

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